You are probably reading this article because you got your license suspended. If this applies to you, are you looking to get new car insurance?

If yes, you have come to the right place. 

This article will answer your question, and provide important details you ought to know before you start the process. So, buckle up and let us drive through this article! 

Can You Get Car Insurance With A Suspended License?

The good news is that you can get car insurance with a suspended license. It is still possible for you to get car insurance coverage even if your driver’s license has been suspended. 

But, before we dive in, it is important to understand that doing this will be neither easy nor cheap.

What is a License Suspension?

What exactly does it mean to get your license suspended? Getting your license suspended indicates that you are not legally allowed to drive. 

Driving with a suspended license is against the law, and there will be consequences. To lift your license suspension, you need to fulfill certain requirements outlined by your state’s department or bureau of motor vehicles. 

Additionally, it is also possible for your car insurance provider to cancel your policy if you have a suspended license. Or, they may choose to not renew your car insurance policy if they find out that your driver’s license got suspended. 

Your car insurance provider will learn about your license suspension when pulling your motor vehicle report before the renewal period. 

Licenses are commonly suspended for anywhere from 30 days to 6 months.

Why Licenses May be Suspended

There are a couple of reasons why you could get your license suspended. Common reasons for license suspension are reckless driving and for getting multiple traffic tickets. 

Not having car insurance or failure to show proof of insurance could also lead to this. Driving under the influence of alcohol commonly results in driver’s license suspensions.

What Should I Do After My License is Suspended?

After your driver’s license is suspended, you might wonder if it is still worth it to keep your car insurance. 

Well, the answer to that is yes. It is still recommended you have car insurance even after getting your license suspended. 

One of the reasons for that is some states actually require you to have car insurance for your driver’s license to be valid again. 

Another reason why you should keep your car insurance even after getting your license suspended is to prevent gaps in coverage. 

More on License and Suspension

Insurance companies do not like gaps in your car insurance coverage, and they may see you as a high-risk driver. And with such gaps, your car insurance rates may actually increase. And they could increase a lot.

Lastly, another benefit of having car insurance even with a suspended license is that you may be eligible for a restricted or hardship license

What this means is that if you got a hardship license, you could legally drive to specific locations like school, work, or medical appointments. 

With all that said, we must reiterate the importance of driving safely to avoid getting your license suspended. Stay safe out there!

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