Parking tickets are a common occurrence, especially for those who live and/or work in larger cities with limited parking options.

In fact, it’s estimated that thousands of parking tickets are issued in the United States alone. every day.

Usually, parking tickets are easy to resolve. But do parking tickets affect car insurance?

Here in this article, we will tell you whether getting a parking ticket will increase your car insurance rates or if you’ll just have to pay the parking ticket fine and then that’s that.

Do Parking Tickets Affect Car Insurance?

The short answer to that it is not likely that getting parking tickets are going to affect your car insurance rates. 

However, this is an indirect way in which it could have an impact on insurance rates. We’ll get to that in a minute.

But, for the most part, if you get some parking tickets, you don’t have to worry about them increasing your car insurance costs.

When Does Car Insurance Increase?

With most car insurance companies it is normal for the insurance rates to go up if you violate a traffic law. Car insurance rates go up when you violate a traffic law because that will make insurance companies consider you a more risky policyholder.

So to protect themselves from what they consider risky behavior, they will increase the rates of your car insurance policy.

But car insurance companies will not increase your premiums after getting issued a parking ticket because it is a non-moving violation

More on Parking Tickets and Insurance

Getting issued a parking ticket may be caused by not paying the parking meter. That violation is neither attached to your driver’s license nor is it reported to your state’s DMV or car insurance. 

But there is still a way wherein a parking ticket, or a number of them, can increase your car insurance premiums. But they will not increase your premiums due to violating a traffic law. Rather, they might increase your car insurance rates because of your delinquency in paying your dues. 

When Do Parking Tickets Affect Car Insurance?

Your car insurance rates will likely increase if you fail to pay your parking tickets in a timely manner. The reason for that is that your car insurance provider reviews your creditworthiness, checking if you pay what you need to pay on time or not. 

This is another way they measure the risk of insuring someone. Not paying your parking tickets is a sign that you do not pay your debts and credits on time.

This means the insurance company will feel like they have to increase what you pay for in your car insurance policy to protect themselves. 

But if you live in certain states such as California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Michigan consider yourself lucky!

That is because car insurance in those states is not allowed to use your credit score as a factor to determine your car insurance rates. So your unpaid parking tickets will not affect how much you will pay for your car insurance whatsoever. 

In conclusion, getting ticketed for parking in the wrong area or not paying the parking meter will not affect your car insurance rates. But not paying your parking tickets will in most states.

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