In the United States, flooding is a common natural disaster. One that affects all types of property – including cars.

The frequency of floods is increasing in many regions, including the Midwest, the Northeast, and the Mississippi River Valley. In fact, the frequency of flooding along the coast has doubled in the last few decades.

Before the next flood season strikes, it is essential to take precautions to protect your vehicle and your home by purchasing the appropriate insurance. In preparation for the worst, many people wonder whether or not auto insurance covers damage caused by flooding.

So does car insurance cover flood damage? The answer is so cut and dry. Read on to find out what you need to know about floods, your car and insurance.

Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

The short answer to that is it depends. Your car insurance policy may or may not provide coverage for damages to your car after a flood. 

There are multiple types of coverages for car insurance. And the most common type of coverage is liability coverage, as it is mandatory

The standard liability auto insurance policy does not cover damages to your vehicle. If you are hit by another vehicle, the driver who caused the accident will have their car insurance pay for the damages to your vehicle because their policy includes property damage liability coverage.

If you want an insurance company to compensate you for the damage to your vehicle caused by the flood, you need to have comprehensive auto coverage. You need to have a policy that provides comprehensive coverage to be covered for damage caused by flooding. 

The collision coverage on your auto insurance policy is supplemented by the comprehensive coverage, which pays for damages caused by events other than collisions. This encompasses occurrences such as flooding.

The amount of coverage you have for property damage is equivalent to the car’s value. This means that the cost of coverage for a high-value vehicle is higher than that for a vehicle with a lower value. However, you can reduce the amount you pay each month for your premiums by selecting a higher deductible.

How To Get Coverage For Flood Damage

It is important to keep in mind that your comprehensive insurance policy will only cover the vehicle’s structure and not the belongings that you keep in it.

If a flood destroys any personal items stored in your vehicle, however, you may be eligible to receive some compensation from your insurer. The amount of compensation will vary depending on the insurer.

You will need to provide the insurance company with extensive documentation detailing the impact of the flood on your car and its contents to ensure that you are compensated fairly. This requires taking photographs and videos of the vehicle from every conceivable angle to demonstrate to the insurance company the extent to which the water has penetrated the vehicle.

Call the insurance company as soon as you’ve finished taking pictures and a video of the damage. Even though insurance companies are increasingly turning to mobile response units to speed up the claims process, there are still only so many insurance adjusters available.

In conclusion, car insurance provides coverage for flood damage should you have comprehensive coverage.

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