Car insurance costs are inevitable when we buy a car. It is a financial commitment that comes hand in hand with driving. 

Without car insurance, you may not be able to drive a car. Car insurance is not that expensive in some states, especially if you have a good driving record and are around middle age.

However, car insurance costs can differ depending on location. In South Dakota, car insurance is not that expensive compared to the rest of the country.

Below you’ll learn about the costs and the different factors that affect the costs of car insurance in South Dakota. 

How Much Is Car Insurance In South Dakota?

The answer to that depends. That is because certain factors will affect how much car insurance premiums are in the state of South Dakota. 

But to give you an idea, the average cost of car insurance premiums in the state of South Dakota in 2021 ranged from $817 to $1,268 per year. This makes South Dakota’s car insurance coverage quite a bit lower than the national average. The national average premium for car insurance is $1,483 per year. 

If you are planning only to have minimum coverage, South Dakota’s average car insurance rate in 2021 was between $275 to $387 per year. The amount of car insurance coverage you will be having is a factor that affects the rates of your car insurance. 

On the other hand, the average cost of full coverage car insurance premiums in South Dakota in 2021 ranged from $817 to $1,999 for full coverage. 

Car Insurance Companies

The car insurance provider is another factor that affects how much car insurance premiums you will pay in South Dakota. 

The car insurance company that offers the cheapest rates for the minimum coverage is from both USAA and Farmers Mutual of Nebraska. Their premiums per year are only about $172 for minimum coverage. 

On the other hand, the most expensive car insurance minimum coverage comes from Farmers. Their car insurance premiums cost around $624 per year for minimum coverage. 

As for the cheapest full coverage car insurance, that also comes from USAA, only $561 per year. Meanwhile, the most expensive full coverage for car insurance also comes from Farm Bureau, which is $2,966. 


Another thing that will affect the car insurance rates in South Dakota is your age. South Dakota’s cheapest car insurance rates are premiums for drivers in their 60s.

Their yearly premiums are only $1,067.28 on average. Much like most states, the younger the driver, the more expensive the premiums. For example, the car insurance premium for 17 years old is $5,344.69 per year, while for 30 years old, it is only $1,247.53. 

Driving History

A driver’s driving record makes a big difference in calculating the cost of auto insurance premiums. The average annual premium for drivers who have been involved in an accident is $1,900. Meanwhile, if the driver is arrested and charged with a DUI, their vehicle insurance costs will climb to $1,928.46 per year.

As you can see, it definitely pays to keep a clean driving record and shop around to find the best car insurance rates in South Dakota.

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