When looking at the question, “does car insurance cover repairs?” there’s one thing we have to clear up right away. And that is what type of repairs you’re talking about.

Are you talking about repairs to the car due to an accident? Or are you talking about repairs to the car due to regular wear and tear?

The answer to whether insurance will cover repairs is very different in those two situations. In this article you’ll find the answer no matter which situation you are talking about.

Does Car Insurance Cover Repairs?

Let’s talk about the regular repairs or maintenance we all (unfortunately!) need from time to time. The answer here is no. Your car insurance policy will not provide coverage for your regular car repairs when you need it.

Normally, when your car malfunctions or breaks down, your car insurance policy does not provide coverage for any repairs. You must cover everything from the repair to repaint over scratches and tire replacement. 

Oil changes, fixing the brakes, and tuning up the engine are also repairs that your auto insurance company will not cover (though it would awesome if they did!). Overall, car insurance policies do not provide coverage for any repairs caused by normal wear and tear. 

Does Car Insurance Cover Collision Repairs?

Now let’s talk about repairs that your car (or someone else’s car) may need due to an accident. If you get in an accident car insurance may cover the repairs.

In this case it depends on what type of coverage you have. Most states require drivers to have liability coverage. 

Liability coverage provides coverage for the other driver’s injuries if you cause an accident that harms others. Liability coverage also provides coverage for car repairs for the other party’s vehicle damage you caused. It also covers damage to other property even if it’s not a car.

However, it does not provide coverage for your own car repairs. So if all you have is liability insurance and you get in an accident, car insurance will not cover your repair costs.

What Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Do?

Full coverage car insurance includes both collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage. Both coverage provides coverage for car repairs. But they only cover it under certain situations.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Collision coverage provides coverage for damage that you have caused while driving, such as you hitting a car or an object. 

On the other hand, comprehensive insurance covers damages the car sustained that are not related to driving such as weather damage, fire damage, theft and anything like that. 

So if you have both of these coverages, then your car insurance will likely cover the cost of your car repairs.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Let’s circle back to repairs due to normal wear and tear. There actually is an insurance option that can help you there. It’s mechanical breakdown insurance.

Mechanical breakdown insurance covers car repair that occurs unexpectedly. Most of the time, mechanical breakdown insurance comes with a deductible that you have to pay. 

A deductible is an out-of-pocket cost that you have to initially pay to activate your insurance policy. After paying your deductibles, mechanical breakdown insurance will then provide coverage for your car repairs the next time around. 

However, it is important to understand that mechanical breakdown insurance does not cover regular maintenance services. This includes oil changes, tire replacements, and windshield wiper changes.

However, not every car insurance company offers mechanical breakdown insurance. If you want to get this type of insurance, you’ll have to check with your insurance company to see if they offer it.

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