Car insurance rates differ depending on many factors. One of these factors is what state you live in. 

Here we’ll take a look at how much is car insurance in Florida. Unfortunately for you Floridians you pay quite a bit above the national average when it comes to car insurance. But that’s the tradeoff for living in a warm, sunny climate with plenty of beautiful beaches to visit!

Below you’ll find specifics on what car insurance in Florida can cost based on the type of insurance, age and more.

How Much Is Car Insurance In Florida?

The answer to that can be quite complicated. That is because there are a bunch of factors that affect your auto insurance rates.  

But to give you an idea, the average cost of car insurance premiums in the state of Florida in 2021 is $1,878 per year. Compared to the national average cost of car insurance, which is $1,483 per year, car insurance in Florida is 31.6 percent higher. 

Minimum Coverage vs. Full Coverage

If you are only planning to have minimum coverage, then the average rate of car insurance in Florida in 2021 ranges between $830 to $1,100 per year. The amount of car insurance coverage you will be having is a factor that affects the rates of your car insurance. 

On the other hand, for full coverage, the average cost of car insurance premiums in the Sunshine state in 2021 ranges from $2,150 to $2,350 for full coverage. That means that, on average, you’ll be paying around $180 per month for full coverage.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Another factor that affects how much car insurance premiums you will pay in Florida is the car insurance provider. 

For the minimum coverage the car insurance company that offers the cheapest rates is USAA. Their premiums per year is only about $360 for minimum coverage. 

On the other hand the most expensive car insurance minimum coverage comes from the company Direct General. Their car insurance premiums cost $1,380 per year for minimum coverage. 

As for the cheapest car insurance full coverage, it comes from State Farm which is about $1,740 per year. Meanwhile the most expensive full coverage for car insurance comes from Direct General which is $2,750. 

How Will Age Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates in Florida?

Another thing that will affect the car insurance rates in Florida is age. The cheapest car insurance rates in the state are premiums for drivers in their 60s.

Their yearly premiums are only around $2,400 on average. Much like with most states, the younger the driver, the more expensive the premiums. For example the car insurance premiums for 18 year olds is $8,150 per year while for 30 years old it is around $3,000. 

Your Driving Record

Another factor that affects car insurance premiums in Florida is the driving record. If you’ve been in an accident (and it’s your fault) you can expect to see an increase of over 33% in your premiums. And if you get a DUI, you can expect to pay almost 50% more for your premiums. 

Where In Florida You Live

The city you live in will also be a big factor in how much you pay for auto insurance in Florida. Good news if you live in Gainesville… you’ll have some of the lowest premiums in the state. Average auto insurance premiums there are around $1,775 on average.

Not so great news for those in Miami and Hialeah. Your rates will be among the highest in the state. Average car insurance rates in Miami are around $3,300 and over $3,400 in Hialeah.

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