Whether you live in Iowa or any other state, you need car insurance in order to legally drive a car.

In fact, you cannot leave a dealership with a car without it. Otherwise, you are breaking the law.

Unfortunately getting car insurance can add quite a bit to the cost of owning a car. But by how much?

Where you live is a big factor in car insurance costs. In this article we look at how much is car insurance in Iowa.

We’ll look at the average costs for a policy as well as the main factors that determine how much you actually end up paying.

How Much Is Car Insurance In Iowa?

The answer to that depends. That is because a number of key factors affect how much car insurance premiums are in the state of Iowa. 

But to give you an idea, the average cost of car insurance premiums in Iowa in 2022 ranges from around $1,000 to $1,400 per year.

This means that the cost of car insurance coverage in Iowa is lower than the national average which is a little under $1,500 annually. 

Type of Coverage

The type and amount of car insurance coverage you will have is a main factor that affects the rates of your car insurance. 

If you only plan to have minimum coverage, Iowa’s average car insurance rate in 2022 ranges between $250 to $380 per year.

On the other hand, the average cost of car insurance premiums in Iowa in 2022 ranges from around $1,250 to $1,550 for full coverage. 

Insurance Provider

The car insurance provider you choose is another factor that affects how much car insurance premiums you will pay in Iowa. This makes it a very good idea to shop around and get multiple quotes.

The car insurance company that offers the cheapest rates for the minimum coverage is Iowa at the time of writing is Western National. Their premiums per year are only $165 for minimum coverage. 

On the other hand, Nationwide has the most expensive car insurance minimum coverage. Their car insurance premiums cost just under $600 per year for minimum coverage. 

As for the cheapest full coverage car insurance policy, that comes from GEICO which costs around $475 on average each year. Meanwhile, the most expensive full coverage for car insurance comes from Progressive, which will set you back almost $2,400 a year. 


Another thing that will affect the car insurance rates in Iowa is your age. Iowa’s cheapest car insurance rates are premiums for drivers in their 50s; their yearly premiums are only around $850 on average. 

Much like most states, the younger the driver, the more expensive the premiums. For example, the car insurance premiums for 17 years old are close to $3,600 per year, while for 30 years old it decreases to just under $1,000. 

Driving Record

Another factor influencing auto insurance premiums in Iowa is a driver’s driving history. The average annual premium for drivers involved in an accident ranges is around $1,600. Meanwhile, if the driver is arrested and charged with a DUI, their vehicle insurance costs will climb to over $1,700 per year.

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